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THE 2024 Culture Trends Report
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THE 2024 Culture Trends Report 

Barcode of SiriusXM Media

SiriusXM Media—across our entire portfolio of SiriusXM, Pandora, SoundCloud, and podcasts—are dedicated to the understanding of pop culture, industry trends, and listener behavior. It’s who we are at our very core.

From the editors

  • With the 2024 Culture Trends Report, we’ve compiled proprietary insights straight from our listeners, exclusive data across the entirety of our portfolio, and analysis from audio experts with 20+ years of experience to bring you a comprehensive take on culture at large, where it intersects with audio, and how to move with it.


  • Nidia Serrano
  • Erin Harris
  • Nikki Buchanan
  • Briana Mendez
  • Lauren Godwin
  • Brianna Oates
  • Loryn Williams
  • Lucelenia Amparo
  • Jordan Evangelista
  • Antonio Francisco
  • Natalie Leal
  • Jasmine Perez
  • Lisa Ito

Sales Marketing

  • Sophie Anderson
  • Alexandria Caggia
  • Devon Geelan
  • Casey Fandacone
  • Emma Stellwagen


  • Liz Lacey
  • Jocelyn Hudak
  • Kendel Goonis
  • Jeff Zemetis
  • Deirdre Locksley
  • Gabrielle McGarvey
  • Rachel Sa-onoy


  • Mark Khamsakul
  • Jesse Du
  • Melissa Paris
  • Courtney Hazzard
  • MaryKate Breslin
  • Jade Green
  • Aman Lodha


  • Andrea Ropp
  • Stephenie Hornstra


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